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Calcium + Boron + Magnesium

Three-Up Minerals

Calcium has been described as “The Prince of Elements” by leading soil scientists due to the significant role it plays in plant and soil health. It’s chemical, physical and biological effects in our environment means a continuous supply of calcium is needed for optimum health, yield and quality. It is know as the “courier” of minerals. Calcium also plays a vital roll in maintaining “shelf life” after harvest.

Magnesium is an essential component of chlorophyll in plants and is essential for the synthesis of plant sugars, vitamins, oils, fats and amino acids. Magnesium is vital for seed germination and regulates other element uptake in plants including phosphorus. Magnesium deficiency affects the plants ability to convert sunlight to energy and symptoms include abnormally thin leaves and leaf drop.

Boron is an essential element that leaches quickly from soils and requires excellent humus levels to maximise availability. It is essential for plant cell wall division, and structure, plant hormone regulation and flowing and fruiting of plants. A major characteristic of Boron is that it is essential for sugar transfer from the plant leaf to roots for healthy efficient plants. It works synergistically, especially with calcium, help govern the uptake of minerals and sugars for top quality plants and vegies. 

Three Up Minerals is a quick easy way of providing a calcium, magnesium, boron boost to ensure plants and crops have luxury levels for excellent health, vitality fruit quality and production. Added nitrogen, with magnesium, is the key ingredients for chlorophyll; the plants sugar factory. Blend in some humates including fulvic acid and kelp to feed, buffer and store the minerals, and you have an excellent product for healthy plants, crops and mineral dense food.

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