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Plant Nutrients

Product Range

Our natural farm nutrients are imported from Australia, USA, and China and have consistently produced excellent results for our farmers (over 40% improvement in yield)


Liquid Seaweed (Organic)

Improves Plant Quality

Improves nutrient uptake -- Supports root development -- Assists stronger stem growth -- Assists photosynthesis -- Increased yield -- Supports longer shelf life -– Improves plant quality


Silica (Organic)

Silica + Potash

Organic NPK in liquid form which is easy to apply and also the uptake in plants is very fast -- It is a broad spectrum growth stimulation, can be used frequently as it will not support NPK overload -- Can assist the recovery of stressed plants -- Safe to use on any plant


Micro-Lime (Organic)

Calcium + Magnesium

Easy, convenient application -- Strengthens cell walls and resists insect and fungal attacks -- Enhances plant quality -- Cost effective -- Benefits soil, plants and microbes-- Can be applied with other liquid fertilisers -- Excellent for soils with excessive magnesium or potassium -- The micro-organisms and fulvic acid contained in this product can provide many benefits within themselves



Calcium + Phosphorus

Easy, convenient application -- Suitable for organic growing -- Free of heavy metals -- Governs plant health and high brix levels -- Increases root development -- Increases yield and shelf life -- Generates tremendous energy in the soil -- Contains a rich lode of trace elements -- Can be used as an organic input in hydroponics -- The micro-organisms and fulvic acid contained in this product provide many benefits -- Improves quality of plants and soil

Tripleboost NPK.jpg

Triple Boost

(N:10, P:10, K:10)

Easy, convenient application -- Strengthens cell walls and resists insect and fungal attacks -- Facilitates healthy, vigorous growth -- Cost effective -- Facilitates substantial root mass increase -- Rich, green, healthy appearance -- Increases yield and shelf life -- Excellent for plants in poor soils or potting mix

Threeup Minerals Calcium Boron Magnesium .jpg

Three-Up Minerals

Calcium + Boron + Magnesium

Easy, convenient application -- Strengthens cell walls and resists insect and fungal attacks -- Enhance plant quality -- Excellent for sandy soils -- Cost effective, can applied with other liquid fertilizer -- Helps in storing minerals



Improves Plant Health and Nitrogen Fixation

Assists in carbohydrate transport and metabolic regulation -- Improves plant health and nitrogen fixation -- Helps in chlorophyll synthesis & mdash -- Improves soil quality

Outright Ferrous.jpg

Outright Ferrous

Ideal for Fruits, Veggies, Vines, and Grains

Easy, convenient application -- Makes leaves greener and darker -- Supports nitrogen fixation -- Reduces burn potential -- Essential for maximum yield -- Excellent for greening turf -- Ideal for fruit, veggies, vines, grains, strawberries

Outright Zinc.jpg

Outright Zinc

For Fruits and Vegetables

Provides Zinc in a highly analysis soluble form – Enhances foliar uptake – Delays the dry down rate of spray droplets there by increasing the time for uptake of zinc – Assists in the retention, wetting and spreading of spray droplets on the target plant – Compatible with most foliar nutrients when tank mixing – Manufactured according to an internationally recognized quality standard.

Dipping Oil.png

Victorian Fruit Drying Oil

Multipurpose Drying Oil

Reduces drying time by 30-40% -- Leaves no residual on fruits -- Preserves texture and colour of fruits -- Enhances the keeping quality of the produce

Gee 9 Herbal Organic Plant Nutrient.jpg


Herbal Plant Nutrient (Organic)

Increases yield by over 20-30% -- Increases shelf life -- Safeguards from fungus and pesticides

Biotamax Soil Probiotic Plant Growth.png


For Plant Growth, Product of the USA

Controls wilting -- Controls damping -- Boosts availability of nutrients -- Safe for organic farming

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