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Improves Plant Quality

Liquid Seaweed (Organic)

Scientifically and historically seaweed is one of natures most mineral rich plants. Our Liquid Seaweed from Tasmanian bull kept (Durvillea Potatorum) one of the world’s richest sources of micro-nutrients, alginic acid, essential amino acids, minerals and other complex organic compounds. We use a natural bacterial fermentation process to liquefy the kelp and maximise the seaweed’s high nutrient levels. This enables use to retain 100% of the original seaweed and it’s goodness. 

Brown seaweed concentrates contain organic matter, nitrogen, potassium, and a number of trace elements which improve the health and general vigour of treated plants. Seaweed concentrate also contains alginic acid, indole acetic acid, over 70 minerals and 17 amino acids. The natural compounds may assist cell division and expansion, root and shoot growth which are linked to increased crop yields and overall plant health. The alginates in seaweed are often removed as a thickening agent in the food and pharmaceutical industry but we maintain the integrity of our product with 100% retention.

Tasmanian Bull Kelp (Durvillea Potatorum) grows in the clean, cool oceans off southern Australia. The oceans are still highly mineralised and the kelp contains naturally occuring minerals, trace elements, vitamins, cytokinins, auxins and amino acids. The kelp is harvested only from the plants that wash up to the shore so the practice has, in fact, assisted in keeping the southern ocean beaches clean from the stench of tons of decaying kelp. 

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