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Calcium + Magnesium

Micro-Lime (Organic)

Calcium has been described as “The Prince of Elements” by leading soil scientists due to the significant roll it plays in plant and soil health. It’s chemical, physical, and biological effects in our environment means a continuous supply of calcium is needed for optimum health, yield, and quality. Calcium is the main constituent of all cell walls and the transfer of materials in and out of cells.

Plants deficient in calcium display symptoms such as stunted root system, leaves do not open properly, empty peanut shells, rot on tomatoes and capsicums, cavity spot in carrots, tip burn on strawberries, premature flower drop and poor seed set, susceptibility to rot disease, black heart in celery and internal browning in Brussels sprouts. These symptoms all relate to poor cell division in the plants growing points including the fruit. 

Micro-Lime, biologically enhanced liquid Calcium, is a quick easy way of providing a calcium boost to ensure plants and crops have luxury levels of calcium for excellent health, vitality fruit quality and production. Micronising is the grinding down of the Lime to under 5 microns in size which enables the mineral component to become available within days. Calcium plays a significant roll in raising brix levels because of its ability to promote the uptake of other elements and minerals so a regular application of Micro-Lime will ensure your plants and fruit are of optimum quality, size with maximum shelf life. Micro-Lime is excellent for providing a regular calcium source in light, sandy soil and is essential in high production horticulture where nitrogen and potassium reduce the performance of calcium.

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