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Ratnagiri Alphonso, Pairi, and Gujarat Kesar: Grown on our own farms

Desi Keri

100% pesticide and chemical-free, organically curated, and naturally ripened, our Alphonso and Kesar mangoes are sophistically grown and treated at our Global Gap Certified farms in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Our mangoes are grown in lateritic soil rich in iron content, which results in our mangoes possessing an excellent texture and taste. Our meticulous farming practices ensure that our mangoes have a low fiber content and high density of mango pulp, a good blush on the cheek, and a golden-saffron colour upon natural ripening. When eaten, they provide an immaculate, unmatched taste.

Our Process: Eco-friendly, customer-centric:

Soil fertility and environment sustainability is our main priority. Our eco-friendly mangoes are chemical-free, grown with organic fertilizers imported from Australia, and are sorted, graded, and treated in government approved pack houses. Mangoes are harvested at 80-85% maturity. Our mango farms are Global Gap Certified and registered with APEDA (Export Promotional Council) under the Ministry of Commerce.

What Makes Our Mangoes Unique?

Sustainable & Scientific Farming: Reinventing the status quo

Unlike traditional mangoes offered in the market today, Desi Keri mangoes are grown and harvested with 100% natural plant nutrients on our very own farms. Utmost care is taken to ensure that we let the mangoes grow in the most natural way possible - we do not use any chemicals to expedite the process.

Desi Keri Mango.jpg.png

Harvested at 85%+ Maturity

No Shortcuts

Ensures that mangoes are given optimum time to grow and ripen. Most of our competitors harvest at 60% maturity and compromise on quality - we take pride in never indulging in these practices

Desi Keri Mango.jpg.png

Ripened Naturally

No Side Effects

To ensure premium quality, we make sure to let the mangoes ripen 100% naturally. A lot of other mangoes in the market today have been artificially ripened with Calcium Carbide, which causes allergies and other unwanted side effects in humans

Desi Keri Mango.jpg.png

0% Pesticides, 100% Natural

Maximum Nutrition

We don't use any preservatives, pesticides, or harmful fertilizers. This not only differentiates us from the competitors, but also ensures that our consumers get the highest quality of nutrition from our mangoes with no side effects

Desi Keri Mango.jpg.png

Nice Blush, Tender Exterior

Sign of a Good Mango

Contrary to popular belief, mangoes with a uniform orange color are actually not of good quality as they are artificially produced. In fact, a nice green blush and tender exterior are indicators of naturally produced, premium quality mangoes

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