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About Us

Farmer's Success = Our Success

India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. However, India's land productivity is a lowly 27%, and ~25% of our agricultural produce is wasted due to adoption of unsustainable practices.

Sunil Doshi took a stand and decided to make a difference.

He formed Bloomfield Agro Products (previously Bloomfield Agritech) on the following guiding principles: 

  • Enhanced Landscape, Empowered Farmers

  • Uncompromising commitment to high-quality plant nutrients and produce

  • Superlative results through flawless research and development

Bloomfield can proudly say that it has consistently improved yield and crop productivity by over 40% for 5000+ farmers in India.

Bloomfield is committed to being the best friend, guide, and philosopher to farmers all over the country.

Learn more about our team below.

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Management Team

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Sunil Doshi

Founder & Managing Director

A dynamic serial entrepreneur, Sunil Doshi is on a mission to transform rural India. A true friend of farmers and a lover of agri growth, he is a Bachelor's of Commerce graduate with an additional LLB degree in law from Mumbai University. He started his career in the manufacturing of pesticide intermediates and then went on to represent and import agri-inputs from countries such as Australia, Japan, and China.

Sumir Sawant Pic.jpg

Dr. Sumir Sawant

Agronomist and Chief Scientist

With a PHD in Agriculture from UDCT (ICT) - Asia's premiere sciences university, Dr. Sumir Sawant brings with him 20+ years of agriculture experience. Having previously worked at multinational agro companies, Dr. Sawant is the Chief Scientist and Technical Officer at Bloomfield Agro.

Aashay Doshi Photoshoot.jpg

Aashay Doshi

Director & Head of Strategy and Operations

Equipped with education and corporate experience from USA, Aashay Doshi is responsible for crafting the company’s strategic objectives, revamping the overall operating model, and for developing systems and processes. Aashay holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and also a  Bachelors of Science degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Maryland, College Park (USA). Prior to joining Bloomfield, Aashay worked as a Management Consultant for 3.5 years at Deloitte Consulting in USA where he led multiple $8 Billion+ projects for Fortune 500 companies.

Vijay Mahadeokar Photo.jpg

Vijay Mahadeokar

Sales Executive

A perfectionist at heart, Vijay Mahadeokar has an unquenchable thirst to expand Bloomfield’s presence across India. Vijay overlooks Bloomfield’s sales operations in Solapur, and is Bloomfield's oldest employee.

Avinash Ippar Photo 2.png

Avinash Ippar

Head of Exports

With 15+ years of experience in exports of agriculture products, Avinash Ippar is pioneering the export division of Bloomfield. He is responsible for managing Bloomfield's exports: mangoes, grapes, pomegranates, bananas, and fresh vegetables.


Trupti Doshi

Head of Product Development and Quality Control

With a BSc in Microbiology and Diploma in Pathology from Mumbai University, and 20+ years of work experience in the scientific community, Trupti Doshi serves as the Head of Product Development and Quality Control. Her extensive knowledge of biology and agriculture enables her to maintain a high standard of quality for Bloomfield’s products.

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