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Calcium + Phosphorus


Micro Phos -  Biologically enhanced liquid Calcium-Phosphate is high analysis source of micronised GUANO combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid and soil-life metabolites. Guano is a high-analysis natural phosphate source derived from ancient sea-bird droppings. So prized was this natural fertilizer, that the “Guano Act” was passed in America in 1856, enabling USA to claim ownership of uninhabited guano rich islands. We combine the Guano in free flowing suspension with fulvic acid and soil life metabolites. Micronising is the grinding down of the Guano to under 5 microns in size which enables the mineral component to become available within days.

Calcium and phosphate are the two principal elements involved in photosynthesis, plant health and plant sugar production. Used regularly as part of a sustainable fertilizer program, Guanos mineral rich composition improves plant quality yields and soil life.

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